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Man O Man

Man O Man! 

Just being tough is not being man. 

You need to be tough enough to be vulnerable. 


Man O Man! 

Just being brave is not being man. 

You need to be brave enough to accept your flaws. 


Man O Man! 

Just being understanding is not being man. 

You need to be understanding enough to engage in emotional intimacy. 


Man O Man! 

Just being macho is not being man. 

You need to be macho enough to let eye muscles tremor, tears roll. 


Man O Man! 

Just being stoic is not being man. 

Open up, reach out and then be stoic. 


Man O Man! 

Physicality no more defines manhood.

Be physical enough to create a balance in between the male and female within you. 


Man O Man! 

Just being perfect is not being man. 

Attempt to perfect imperfections makes you a better man.


© Kumar Gautam

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Hating Love

Ludicrous it may sound now, 

but it was me who wanted to live and die with you. 

Today the reality is different. 

It’s time to accept;

I failed as a lover,  

we failed as lovers. 


Love rarely dies a natural death, 

what is left with us is residual love. 

The love we had for each other has zombified

and we are keeping a blind eye to it. 

Our lives are going nowhere.

We are not we,

our feelings have died open-eyed. 


It’s hard to believe that once upon a time 

we loved each other. 

May be our foundations were weak 

built on momentary emotions and attachments. 

Let’s help each other. 

Let’s not hold ourselves back from growing.


Before our love becomes diseased




mutates to become cancerous 

and eats us out. 

Let’s cleanse ourselves 

and adieu goodbye. 


Else we will live in lingering pain 

keep on shaming love

cursing love

hating love

become villains of love 

even though love gave us few best moments in life 

and it is love that can excavate the pain from us.


© Kumar Gautam

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I don’t want to be moon in your love. 

I am my own sun. 

If our love is pure 

we will conjoin, 

create darkness that would emit light. 

It will make us glow 

and empower the world with love,

eternal love. 


© Kumar Gautam

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It Happens Twice

Real love happens twice. 

First time, 

when you want to fly 

beyond skies. 

And it happens again, 

when you are looking to comeback; 

to retreat, to surrender, to submit, 

to love and to be loved back.

Lucky you are 

if you can fly and 

comeback together 

with the same person.

Till you find your lucky one  

love yourself the most, 

self-love comes natural to us

as real it is.  


© Kumar Gautam


Love Happens

Look for love, 

work on love, 

put in effort to love, 



Love happens.

The more you work on it, 

quickly it crumbles. 

Love is effortless.  

Love is limitless. 


All Around.  


© Kumar Gautam

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I got to know 

that you never got the love you deserved. 

Still, you are looking for a real woman to love. 

C’mon love me! 

I have my every breathe of love to offer. 

Worship me as goddess

make love to my imperfect body 

tiny bottoms, teeny boobs 

large heart, love-filled soul 

I will make your soul dance in tandem 

gods may commit sin 

in desire to watch our passions flaring.

Because man,

I have lived life. 

Aged carrying love in my pores,  

raised children. 

My husband used to float in my love cradle 

until Gods wanted to love him more. 


they say you are sun. 

Break-in, pierce-in 

and illuminate corners of my heart and soul.

Let me embrace you back

to make a perfect unison. 


© Kumar Gautam



To all those wondering

when will evil be squashed and wiped, 

the truth is 

evil is undying, 

it is perpetual.  

It is quick to clone, 

sticks like parasite to good 

and consumes it. 

One moment it looks like it has perished,

another moment it is found sticking round the corner 

spreading darkness.

You will have to tear it down again. 

It will provoke you to avenge

but never avenge evil 

else you will be conquered 

because evil has no power of its own 

it feeds on your weaknesses  

instigates a battle within,

a suicidal battle

that perishes you to dirt. 

If you have to fight evil 

fight evil with beauty, 

with light, 

daze it off 

and let it die its own death. 

Until then remember 

you are torch-bearer of goodness,

evil sheltered somewhere in your shadow

is following you 

matching step to step, breathe to breathe.


© Kumar Gautam