I Chose You Over Chocolate

You are my temptation,

the door to salvation.

You intoxicate me

and make a sinner out of me.

Your essence lingers all over my mind.

Being your slave

fills me with goodness.

I feel adorned,

when I consume you and forget self.

I crave for that sight

when my lips, mouth, tongue, fingers

indulge in you.

I touch you and you crumble;

the soft, moist, firm yet delicate you.


My taste buds choose you over chocolate.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo: Holly H Berry


An Open Letter To Female Friends

My dear female friends,

manhood is in question

the credibility of man is being questioned

we are being looked at with suspicion

our reputations are at stake

a gender war has been waged

we are being mocked at

asked to pay for


and all other oppressions and discrimination

our forefathers committed.

This was not the feminist movement world envisioned.

Certainly this is not going to undo the past

nor it is the way forward ahead.


My dear female friends,

as much the light needs darkness,

body needs soul,

a conscious mind needs matter,

a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.

We need to remind ourselves

feminism was for liberty

not to avenge patriarchy

and thrust on matriarchy

with vengeance.


My dear female friends,

false allegations, fabricated stories,

false accusations, false claims of assault and harrasment

are not only putting life of man in jeopardy

but also of the women associated with them.

Men are shaken and women are loosing faith in them.

It’s time for you stand up

speak up

talk about a few good men you have met in your life;

your father, brother, husband, friend.

You need to talk for your son

or the son you may give birth to.

Do it before a sect plans to instigate male foeticide too in future.


My dear female friends,

feel free to tell the world if you are willing

that not all men are #sex-maniac

or chauvinist or bastards,

rapists, molesters or assaulters.

Men are equally good friend, companion

and even pro-active in sustaining relationship.

Tell as many women as you can

and communicate as soon as you can

before many more women take advantage of “Believe me I am a woman”,

before all men are marked as culprits and all women as victims,

before women are emboldened to abuse men,

before women unintentionally start subjugating men,

before ‘being man’ becomes synonymous to disgrace and shame.


© Kumar Gautam


Ours was lack of discernment.

Add to it arrogance

in the garb of priorities and commitments

not typical unfaithfulness

or taking love for granted.


However incomplete our love was,

it is not a mind game

or any unfinished business

that needs a closure.


It’s not a block or clot,

soot or fog.

It’s cosmic dance of soul.

This mirth

will remain with you,

and with me.

Haunting you,

soothing me.


Love is still love for me,

for you it might have turned into a lesson of psychology.


© Kumar Gautam

I Die Looking At You

You look gorgeous to me 

when you are home 

not lady like 

not dolled up 


without make-up 

or even slight touch-up



and then you lift your elbows 

to tie back your hair 

without bothering you are being watched 

is the moment I die looking at you 

only to be re-born to look at you again

and die again. 


© Kumar Gautam



I know there will never be a next time for us 

to meet again. 


I know we are not going to see each other 

ever again. 


I know I need to suppress the child in me and behave 

like a man. 


I know the emotions inside me are upsurging but I cannot exhibit 

the pain. 


I wish someone had taught me how to end things 

when things aren’t worth end. 


© Kumar Gautam

Roommates To Lovers And Back

Shattered in our respective love 

we both friends 

decided to live together as roommates.

I had the soft you 

you had the strong me

to take us away 

from our dreadful memories. 

Soon the broken hearts healed 

and dreams galore. 

We had our hearts beating deep 

against each other. 

Tomorrow looked better

and we lost ourselves into each other. 

We laughed on our incredible journey 

from being friends to roommates to lovers. 


It was sort of rebirth, 

falling in love. 

We were back 

taking on the world with vengeance. 

We crawled into each other and became one. 

Oh! it was all amazing man!

The journey of becoming house mate to soulmate. 

We had a beautiful run.

Ahh! The experience of being one.   


But we forgot the fact that 

if you can fall in for someone 

you can fall out too. 

It was unexpected, unwanted 

but it came knocking

just happened.

Emotions ebbed and flowed, 

the tingling feeling, 

the stomach churning

was all gone. 


We fall out of fantasy

boredom creeped in 

love became cold   

and we were back being from lovers to room-mates.  

The door on our romantic relationship is locked

and we have lost the keys too. 


© Kumar Gautam


Image : Gurdyal Singh