To all those wondering

when will evil be squashed and wiped, 

the truth is 

evil is undying, 

it is perpetual.  

It is quick to clone, 

sticks like parasite to good 

and consumes it. 

One moment it looks like it has perished,

another moment it is found sticking round the corner 

spreading darkness.

You will have to tear it down again. 

It will provoke you to avenge

but never avenge evil 

else you will be conquered 

because evil has no power of its own 

it feeds on your weaknesses  

instigates a battle within,

a suicidal battle

that perishes you to dirt. 

If you have to fight evil 

fight evil with beauty, 

with light, 

daze it off 

and let it die its own death. 

Until then remember 

you are torch-bearer of goodness,

evil sheltered somewhere in your shadow

is following you 

matching step to step, breathe to breathe.


© Kumar Gautam

love and relationships, Modern Woman, sexual abuse


Heartbreaker, thank you!


Thank you for all the rage, threatening, abuse and violence.

Thank you for pushing me to the edge that

I have killed my past

and upgraded myself to my best version.


Thank you,

it is because of you

I realised who am I

what’s my worth.


Thank you.

A patient of chronic depression

is now an inspiration

to many.


Thank you.

I have started loving myself most

and I don’t miss out on love

from an opposite sex.


Thank you

for helping me re-define

meanings of love,

re-write story of my life.


Thank you,



© Kumar Gautam

love and relationships, Me & You


What matters my love

in the end

are words.

Your words are bow

and my heart is string.

Together they create tune of love.

You may be a player with words,

a juggler

or sincere and honest.

What matters to heart

are those words.


Yours words may be true or untrue

may have come out in the moment of pain

or when you are overwhelmed with emotions

or upsurged with love

You may mean it

or may not mean it

but it’s the words that stays home



The time

when I am alone

remembering you

I remember those words

it takes away my loneliness

I believe you are there with me

cooing in those words


and again.


When I meet you again

my heart and mind

wishes to listen to

those words again

just to affirm,

the melody is not lost

and heart is thrusting upon love.

The evolution with in

is continuing.


And when your words are blunt yet piercing

heart bleeds thousand deaths

I may not believe your words

but heart is hurt

it is unable to take it

even though you might have said the same

in pain


to avenge

may be not to mean them.


Heart is unable to suffice

good mood or bad mood

all that matters to heart

are words.


redden my heart

with blood of finely chosen words

layer it with love

garnish it with smile

gleam in your eyes


you might have mastered my soul

but my heart only yearns for words

for propulsion of love.


© Kumar Gautam

Humanity, world and me

Cultured Wolves

Very soon

soul in humans will become immaterial,

we all will be like wolves.

As we are prone to flight of fancy

we will call ourselves, cultured wolves.

We will not kill our own self

but we will certainly not save

our owns

from getting killed.

Later we will feed on the dead

relish the warm fresh salted blood of our own

burp and then will regroup again

looking forward to the present

searching for another prey to feed on.

And in the process if one of ours will die

we will again feed on it

and move on for ‘my survival, my dreams’.


Very soon we all will be wolves,

a evolved human race sans emotion.


© Kumar Gautam

Humanity, Lonely

Phone Alone

He has so many friends

in so many apps 

all over his phone;   

Yet dude is 


bloody all alone.

Loneliness is still his best friend. 


© Kumar Gautam

love, love and relationships

Friend Zone

She said,

I love you but I am not in love with you.

The sparkle has diminished and I have lost

touch with feelings. It’s time to switch off

and just remain friends.


He said,

Your proposal for friendship is fall sense of insecurity.

All is not about lovemaking,

It’s about taking love and making love.

What has died, is your desire for me

because love never dies.


She said, we can still remain friends.

He said, I loved a friend but I can’t love all my friends.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo: 500px

Chocolate Day, love, Valentine's Day

I Chose You Over Chocolate

You are my temptation,

the door to salvation.

You intoxicate me

and make a sinner out of me.

Your essence lingers all over my mind.

Being your slave

fills me with goodness.

I feel adorned,

when I consume you and forget self.

I crave for that sight

when my lips, mouth, tongue, fingers

indulge in you.

I touch you and you crumble;

the soft, moist, firm yet delicate you.


My taste buds choose you over chocolate.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo: Holly H Berry