It’s strange, 

I didn’t even hug you, touch you or even shook hands. 

But the moment I saw you, I knew 

you were my other half. 

I bet it was not my forlornness. 


You are the mystic healer 

my bleeding heart was looking for. 

A heart crushed under the weight of past;

a heart full of pain, guilt and regret.  


Your mysterious eyes 

looked for the blue devil within me 

as if trying to exorcise the melancholy out of me

and flash in delightful love. 


But I wonder 

how long will you keep loving my scars 

that I am ashamed of.  

At some point of time your heart will repulse 

the odour of my rotten past. 


Still if you can take a little trouble 

a bit of dolor, 

I promise you 

I will be slave to your love 

in this journey of life.   


© Kumar Gautam


Cynical Romantic

Hopeless romantic

To tell you the truth, 

I am not easy to love. 

But your presence makes me vulnerable

and I don’t mind admitting my messed past.


Love scares me. 

I never wanted to start with you. 

Rejections, dejections 

have made me cynical romantic. 


But when you hold my hands 

I hear your voice 

you look at me

I am tempted 

not to let you go even for a second. 


I am someone 

caught in my own puzzle. 

Can i just cling to your chest and cry for no reasons. 

Can i trust you and give myself another chance. 

Can I just fall in love again. 


© Kumar Gautam



Messy Woman

She loves complicated love

Messy woman 

You just love the mess, don’t you? 

You don’t follow a pattern 

you love chaos, bumpy ride

fluctuations and instability. 

You love complexities 

and complicate love. 

World says complicated things are horrifying 

but to me, you complicated woman 

you are fascinating.


Though you are not so easy, 

you beautiful mystery. 

You turn love into puzzle 

but you are definitely worth the trouble.

You make my mind work 

as love is some work 

demanding love maintenance    

creating adventurous love story. 


For others you may be unpleasant 

they may call you ordinary 

but to me you are toxic yet addictive 

just like morphine 

you my endorphin. 

You are my loose t-shirt and shorts 

that i can wear anytime assured.


To tell you the truth 

it might be horrifying to be back with others 

then to be back together with you. 

Nah, there ain’t any question of self-esteem 

it’s not only I coming back to you 

it’s also you coming back to me.


I know it is hard to love you, 

harder at times to understand.

You do make beautiful memories bitter 

but that creates in me interest. 

You are no less than a story 

that is easy to read and hard to understand. 


Complicated woman

You are messy, you want to be messy 

so lets set out to make a messier love story. 


© Kumar Gautam

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Dusk Of Our Love

Burnt Love

I am not a chandler 

but I picked up the hobby of making candles

as you walked in my life. 

We together made our first candle

colourful, aromatic 

and light it up. 

Today first thing in the morning 

I went to see the candle

‘It must be emitting  light’,

symbolising our love eternal. 

Alas, it had already breathed last. 

Leftover wax covered in soot 

was around to be seen.

The aroma could still be felt

on stressing olfactory nerves

but the wick had turned into ashes.

I realised, how funny it is! 

We beautified candle but forgot to strengthen the wick!

This morning was dawn to the world 

and dusk of our     

love story that was not to be named. 


© Kumar Gautam

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Hiding in Coffin

Hiding in Coffin

Frozen, protected and stored

living I am…

Scared of being spent.

I quarantine and nourish my thoughts properly

to use it for my benefit.

When time will travel,

and miracles will happen

then I will not talk

the language of my thoughts would be harnessed

decoded for the betterment of civilization.

At the helm would be I, the human.

© Kumar Gautam

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The Last Colour

The Last Colour


Are you crying?

I can hear you out…

Though you are, I assume, light years away.

It isn’t a surprise

as your soul that usually slides on my heart

warms my soul

had moistened all within

and I could feel heaviness in my chest.


Darkness may have engulfed you

enslaved you to its norms and comforts

just remember life’s wonder,

ordinary may see several colours around

but life has only one colour.

Call it the first colour or the last colour,

but that’s the only colour

nature calls it hope.


From sun to Vatican City’s pope,

all colour their life with hope.

Saying nothing means,

Saying all sometimes.

Life gives ample scope.

let’s ashen the dark

and let it abandon in winds of changing times


Let’s make the sunrise

Peach orange rose

like a toddler’s smile

rub on each other’s soul.

Let not the volcano turn extinct or dormant.

Wake again

to be like sun, active like volcano and sleep like moon.

Let the fortune flex and time be in your control

even if our bodies don’t meet

communications must flow.


© Kumar Gautam

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