Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

The truth is out my love.

You have been my world, my universe.

Young and wise I made a choice,

you tolerated me these many years.


We make mistakes and mistakes reform us.

We regret, we forgive.

We wish to leave the past behind,

tighter it clings to us.


You were an exception.

You let the past sleep in deep slumber.

You never further tear me down

rather fixed those broken mirrors.


You gave space to doubts.

You didn’t seek answers to all questions.

You let the silence soak.

You douse off the spark, the fire.


I never thought there could be a woman

better than my mother, but here you are.

If I get another life, I wish to be a woman in your life.

That would be my way to offer, love and penance.  


© Kumar Gautam

Photo courtesy: 500px.com



Crazy Soul

Crazy Soul

This is crazy,

You are crazy.

You want to be special.

You want to save the world.

You want to change the world.


You talk of soul.

You want to look for deeper meanings of soul.

Yearning to penetrate, impenetrable.

Attached to your sins,

you wish to detach from the world.


You never talk to yourself.

You always talk to world.

They look for soul in you

You look for soul in space.

This is super crazy.


© Kumar Gautam


Photo: Andrea Daerice Juillerat-Olvera

Dive Into My World

Dive into my world

Dive into my world, my love.

It’s deaf and mute.

Here love is the only sound,

love is the only language.


My world may look complex,

but take it slow.

Let love breath you, in out.

All your scars would be healed.


Look at you,

your soul is dead dormant

heart has turned into raisin

It’s noisy all over the face.


Your dreams on threshold,

today are light years away.

The more they recede,

you rot like frozen meat.


Your tears burn me but couldn’t sanatise you.

Your blood cells are numb, eager to die.

Your calmness has burnt the fire within.

If you can, just swallow sperm to create new you.


You have turned synthetic.

Let love adorn you,

metamorphose you,

turn you into crystal.


Then together we will

stimulate love,

disperse love

absorb and emit love.


Dive into my world, my love.

It’s deaf and mute.

Here love is the only sound,

love is the only language.

© Kumar Gautam

A letter to a mother from her daughter

Working daughter discussing life with mother in her 50's.

You remember mom;

little sunshine, one moon,

few stars, a butterfly and few flowers

This was all I wanted in life

When I was a child.

And you just wanted me to be

smart and intelligent.


Here I am,

Classified thoughtful and logical

Acute and ingenious

though on the verge of loosing my innocence

willingly, unwillingly.


You always said

I resemble sun

will reach far and wide.

I may have sprinkled yellow dust

brought hope and smile

but look I have lost my might

that I called me.


In your world it was so simple

The way to happy life was contentment.

Why the world is so hard on people

who wish to fly.

Why it is difficult to get right things done right way.

Why doesn’t mind minds to move on

when there’s a stalemate.


I wish I could comeback mom to that very state

when life meant a ‘sweet home’ painting.

Food meant your hands fed whatever thing.

Dreams meant movies while sleeping.

When tears rolled, I got chocolates

smile and breath were always in sync.


Mom, can I attain nirvana in your lap.

Renounce it all for your smile.

Freeze to be warmed by you till eternity.

Mortify, for the gods to notice that

you are the only spirit to be called holy.  


© Kumar Gautam

Photo source: 500px Photo ID: 78158693

A New New Year

A new new year

You greet me, ‘Happy new year’

and the child in me responds with enthusiasm

‘Happy new year to you too’.

A moment, and the grown-up in me questions

what’s new about this new year?

What has suddenly changed that I should be so happy for. 


Let me share the secret.


It’s not an another new year,

It’s a new year.

Change is constant.

Change is inevitable.

It has no mind of its own,

no heart to disarray emotions.

The only way to catch up with change

is to change with change.


Dates change, calendars change

mornings are new

but the elements, nature, life

look so unchanged, so unaffected.

Or is it that we don’t look at it with refreshed hope,

we don’t nourish ourselves emotionally,

we don’t relook at it with new perspective.


We were born a year,

we will die a year.

For records, it was a change.

The deeds we leave behind

the smile we exchange

the love we give, the light we spread

may not be recorded seconds by second

minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day,

month by month or year by year

but certainly it will bring a humane positive change sometime.

It would be worth to put it in record some year.


The truth is out, this year is new.

It is open to document newness for another 364 days.

All attempts may not set new records

but certainly new efforts, new challenges, new experiences

would be taken note of.

If not by others, at least by you

and that will create a new you.

A lot is left to be written new new

Happy new year to you.

© Kumar Gautam

Don’t Murder Me Mother

Don't murder me mother


Don’t murder me, mother.

Let me come into the world.


Grace me!

Don’t let this thought take over your mind,

you are caught in between wrong and right.

A woman is ripped and caged,

for all acts of men she pays.

Men subjugate, society rapes.

Lifetime she is controlled and oppressed.

Still! Don’t murder me, mother.

Let me come into the world.


Let me live this beautiful life.

If you are besides, I will more than survive.

We will together light up flames of our lives.

You are a woman, a creator.

In you is a goddess, identify her.

Once you were also a foetus,

just remember.

Stop! Don’t murder me, mother.

Let me come into the world.


Think for a moment,

just envision a mother-daughter movement.

Fun, joy and much of playfulness.

Imagine, how incomplete would be family album

in my absence.

Won’t my brother miss me,

when you all will celebrate Rakhi* and Bhaiduj**.

And oh! the fun during my marriage celebrations,

you are certainly going to miss it.

Stop! Don’t murder me, mother.

Let me come into the world.


World can be foolish,

but not mothers.

Human life can’t survive without daughters.

The time has come for motherland India to shine.

Positivity in you will set tone of time.

Picture this,

I am in your hands, smiling at you.

You looking into my eyes,

we exchange love.

Stop! Don’t murder me, mother.

Let me come into the world.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo source: suvarnasable.blogspot.in

*Rakhi: An Indian festival celebrating brother-sister bond and relationship, also known as Raksha Bandhan.

** Bhaiduj: An Indian festival celebrated by Hindus were in sisters pray for long and happy life of their brothers. Also known as Bhau-Beej, Bhai-Dooj, Bhai Tika