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An Open Letter To Female Friends

My dear female friends,

manhood is in question

the credibility of man is being questioned

we are being looked at with suspicion

our reputations are at stake

a gender war has been waged

we are being mocked at

asked to pay for


and all other oppressions and discrimination

our forefathers committed.

This was not the feminist movement world envisioned.

Certainly this is not going to undo the past

nor it is the way forward ahead.


My dear female friends,

as much the light needs darkness,

body needs soul,

a conscious mind needs matter,

a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man.

We need to remind ourselves

feminism was for liberty

not to avenge patriarchy

and thrust on matriarchy

with vengeance.


My dear female friends,

false allegations, fabricated stories,

false accusations, false claims of assault and harrasment

are not only putting life of man in jeopardy

but also of the women associated with them.

Men are shaken and women are loosing faith in them.

It’s time for you stand up

speak up

talk about a few good men you have met in your life;

your father, brother, husband, friend.

You need to talk for your son

or the son you may give birth to.

Do it before a sect plans to instigate male foeticide too in future.


My dear female friends,

feel free to tell the world if you are willing

that not all men are #sex-maniac

or chauvinist or bastards,

rapists, molesters or assaulters.

Men are equally good friend, companion

and even pro-active in sustaining relationship.

Tell as many women as you can

and communicate as soon as you can

before many more women take advantage of “Believe me I am a woman”,

before all men are marked as culprits and all women as victims,

before women are emboldened to abuse men,

before women unintentionally start subjugating men,

before ‘being man’ becomes synonymous to disgrace and shame.


© Kumar Gautam


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