love and relationships, Me & You

Roommates To Lovers And Back

Shattered in our respective love 

we both friends 

decided to live together as roommates.

I had the soft you 

you had the strong me

to take us away 

from our dreadful memories. 

Soon the broken hearts healed 

and dreams galore. 

We had our hearts beating deep 

against each other. 

Tomorrow looked better

and we lost ourselves into each other. 

We laughed on our incredible journey 

from being friends to roommates to lovers. 


It was sort of rebirth, 

falling in love. 

We were back 

taking on the world with vengeance. 

We crawled into each other and became one. 

Oh! it was all amazing man!

The journey of becoming house mate to soulmate. 

We had a beautiful run.

Ahh! The experience of being one.   


But we forgot the fact that 

if you can fall in for someone 

you can fall out too. 

It was unexpected, unwanted 

but it came knocking

just happened.

Emotions ebbed and flowed, 

the tingling feeling, 

the stomach churning

was all gone. 


We fell out of fantasy

boredom creeped in 

love became cold   

and we were back being from lovers to room-mates.  

The door on our romantic relationship is locked

and we have lost the keys too. 


© Kumar Gautam


Image : Gurdyal Singh



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