love, Me & You

Maze Of Our Love

The commotion of my emotion 

is creating confusion 

as I am getting entangled in the mystery that is you

while walking through the maze of our love.


I know I am lost 

but that’s the treasure of having you in my life 

that reward is my prize 

I am ready to live with and die for.  


My existence is you. 

my wisdom is you, my love. 

You are labyrinth, 

ruined I am to have your sight

yet i can sense you all the time in my heart. 


The puzzle, 

the ongoing game, 

the longing, 

my wings of imagination, 

love nest 

and my heart in your soul’s cage

enough of love tests

let not my love be erased. 


Unveil the secret passage to your heart, 

let me hold it with my hands and feel it.

Let me commit a crime that provides me a seat

deep inside your heart. 

let me cry, let me glow 

let me be lost, merge in slow.  


Before the contradictions galore, 

before people question our love,

reveal the uniqueness of you and our love.

Let the quest be quenched, 

world blinded with love and scent of romance.

Before my tears dry, heart is shelled

meet me at the end of the labyrinth. 


© Kumar Gautam


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