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Significant Other

You dumped me boy 

and I was gutted. 


You didn’t like 

the confident me

who talks her mind

pays her bills 

picks her luggage 

and demands orgasm. 


Your friends exclaimed 

how can there be someone 

as good as she? 

“The bitch is pretending”

and you played being man 

and choose friends over me. 


You should have known boy

I nurtured our relationship 

took it serious 

put efforts

for it to last forever

and I had no reasons to fake.  


I wasn’t acting a typical girl 

playing love games. 

Those hide and seek 

you please me-I please you 

I pretend to be upset 

and you run honking like a goose.  


I had no doubt in my mind 

that we won’t together shine 

What my friends called sacrifice 

I named it love virtue

While you thought me and you, two  

we were one, unison in my heart and mind. 


Well, let me clear the clouds 

and pronounce my worth. 

If life is a gamble, 

you were a tiny gamble. 

While you keep looking 

for that “bad” girl who looks good  

I have already found my another, ‘significant other’. 


© Kumar Gautam


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