love, love and relationships


It’s strange, 

I didn’t even hug you, touch you or even shook hands. 

But the moment I saw you, I knew 

you were my other half. 

I bet it was not my forlornness. 


You are the mystic healer 

my bleeding heart was looking for. 

A heart crushed under the weight of past;

a heart full of pain, guilt and regret.  


Your mysterious eyes 

looked for the blue devil within me 

as if trying to exorcise the melancholy out of me

and flash in delightful love. 


But I wonder 

how long will you keep loving my scars 

that I am ashamed of.  

At some point of time your heart will repulse 

the odour of my rotten past. 


Still if you can take a little trouble 

a bit of dolor, 

I promise you 

I will be slave to your love 

in this journey of life.   


© Kumar Gautam


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