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Cynical Romantic

Hopeless romantic

To tell you the truth, 

I am not easy to love. 

But your presence makes me vulnerable

and I don’t mind admitting my messed past.


Love scares me. 

I never wanted to start with you. 

Rejections, dejections 

have made me cynical romantic. 


But when you hold my hands 

I hear your voice 

you look at me

I am tempted 

not to let you go even for a second. 


I am someone 

caught in my own puzzle. 

Can i just cling to your chest and cry for no reasons. 

Can i trust you and give myself another chance. 

Can I just fall in love again. 


© Kumar Gautam




2 thoughts on “Cynical Romantic”

  1. Saying I love this poem wouldn’t begin to express how I truly feel about it. The open admittance of vulnerability caused by another expressed on top of the vulnerability already felt.. 💗


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