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Dusk Of Our Love

Burnt Love

I am not a chandler 

but I picked up the hobby of making candles

as you walked in my life. 

We together made our first candle

colourful, aromatic 

and light it up. 

Today first thing in the morning 

I went to see the candle

‘It must be emitting  light’,

symbolising our love eternal. 

Alas, it had already breathed last. 

Leftover wax covered in soot 

was around to be seen.

The aroma could still be felt

on stressing olfactory nerves

but the wick had turned into ashes.

I realised, how funny it is! 

We beautified candle but forgot to strengthen the wick!

This morning was dawn to the world 

and dusk of our     

love story that was not to be named. 


© Kumar Gautam

Photo courtesy:


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