Be Love, love

The Last Colour

The Last Colour


Are you crying?

I can hear you out…

Though you are, I assume, light years away.

It isn’t a surprise

as your soul that usually slides on my heart

warms my soul

had moistened all within

and I could feel heaviness in my chest.


Darkness may have engulfed you

enslaved you to its norms and comforts

just remember life’s wonder,

ordinary may see several colours around

but life has only one colour.

Call it the first colour or the last colour,

but that’s the only colour

nature calls it hope.


From sun to Vatican City’s pope,

all colour their life with hope.

Saying nothing means,

Saying all sometimes.

Life gives ample scope.

let’s ashen the dark

and let it abandon in winds of changing times


Let’s make the sunrise

Peach orange rose

like a toddler’s smile

rub on each other’s soul.

Let not the volcano turn extinct or dormant.

Wake again

to be like sun, active like volcano and sleep like moon.

Let the fortune flex and time be in your control

even if our bodies don’t meet

communications must flow.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo courtesy: 500px Photo ID: 125173183


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