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Can I Kiss You

Can I Kiss You

My man

I like the gentleman in you

but next time don’t you ask

“can I kiss you?”

It’s silly.


I am modern

but when it comes to kissing

I am still old-fashioned.

You have to initiate this bit.

Don’t ask me,

just make a move,

pucker your lips and kiss.


I know you are such a cutie

that you are unable to read my mind.

Just look for signs when I look at you.

Watch me close when I giggle, blush and smile.

Check the moment when I snuggle

or when the damn hairs are on my face.

I don’t mind you moving them away,

that moment just dig in my eyes,

zone in lips and kiss.


Boy, you are charming and handsome.

You dazzle with confidence.

Your presence and I am dazed.

Just do it for one heck.

Let my blood pressure elevate and pulse race.

I will close my eyes while you can watch me relax.

Kiss me before it’s too late.

Just kiss me.


© Kumar Gautam

Photo credit: 500px


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