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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

The truth is out my love.

You have been my world, my universe.

Young and wise I made a choice,

you tolerated me these many years.


We make mistakes and mistakes reform us.

We regret, we forgive.

We wish to leave the past behind,

tighter it clings to us.


You were an exception.

You let the past sleep in deep slumber.

You never further tear me down

rather fixed those broken mirrors.


You gave space to doubts.

You didn’t seek answers to all questions.

You let the silence soak.

You douse off the spark, the fire.


I never thought there could be a woman

better than my mother, but here you are.

If I get another life, I wish to be a woman in your life.

That would be my way to offer, love and penance.  


© Kumar Gautam

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