Modern Woman, Mother, Mother and Daughter, Working Women

A letter to a mother from her daughter

Working daughter discussing life with mother in her 50's.

You remember mom;

little sunshine, one moon,

few stars, a butterfly and few flowers

This was all I wanted in life

When I was a child.

And you just wanted me to be

smart and intelligent.


Here I am,

Classified thoughtful and logical

Acute and ingenious

though on the verge of loosing my innocence

willingly, unwillingly.


You always said

I resemble sun

will reach far and wide.

I may have sprinkled yellow dust

brought hope and smile

but look I have lost my might

that I called me.


In your world it was so simple

The way to happy life was contentment.

Why the world is so hard on people

who wish to fly.

Why it is difficult to get right things done right way.

Why doesn’t mind minds to move on

when there’s a stalemate.


I wish I could comeback mom to that very state

when life meant a ‘sweet home’ painting.

Food meant your hands fed whatever thing.

Dreams meant movies while sleeping.

When tears rolled, I got chocolates

smile and breath were always in sync.


Mom, can I attain nirvana in your lap.

Renounce it all for your smile.

Freeze to be warmed by you till eternity.

Mortify, for the gods to notice that

you are the only spirit to be called holy.  


© Kumar Gautam

Photo source: 500px Photo ID: 78158693


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