Happy New Year

A New New Year

A new new year

You greet me, ‘Happy new year’

and the child in me responds with enthusiasm

‘Happy new year to you too’.

A moment, and the grown-up in me questions

what’s new about this new year?

What has suddenly changed that I should be so happy for. 


Let me share the secret.


It’s not an another new year,

It’s a new year.

Change is constant.

Change is inevitable.

It has no mind of its own,

no heart to disarray emotions.

The only way to catch up with change

is to change with change.


Dates change, calendars change

mornings are new

but the elements, nature, life

look so unchanged, so unaffected.

Or is it that we don’t look at it with refreshed hope,

we don’t nourish ourselves emotionally,

we don’t relook at it with new perspective.


We were born a year,

we will die a year.

For records, it was a change.

The deeds we leave behind

the smile we exchange

the love we give, the light we spread

may not be recorded seconds by second

minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day,

month by month or year by year

but certainly it will bring a humane positive change sometime.

It would be worth to put it in record some year.


The truth is out, this year is new.

It is open to document newness for another 364 days.

All attempts may not set new records

but certainly new efforts, new challenges, new experiences

would be taken note of.

If not by others, at least by you

and that will create a new you.

A lot is left to be written new new

Happy new year to you.

© Kumar Gautam


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