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Will Always Love My Ex-Girlfriends

Will always love my ex-girlfriends

I love my wife.

I am happily married.

My love for her is irreplaceable,

yet I will always love my ex-girlfriends.


Loving them doesn’t mean,

I haven’t moved on.

I am happy for myself,

I am happy for them.

Still my love for them

adorns a corner of my heart,

a shelf in my brain.


Our relationship eroded, corroded.

We departed cursing, swearing,

taking vows never will love again.

Today my wife and me laugh off,

when I narrate those incidents…

unfortunate one’s

at times feeling degraded, stupid, ashamed.


To dust off past is easy to pretend,

but its hard to fake with conscience.

My ex-girlfriends may not have added blood or flesh in me

but certainly helped in my evolution,

as a better human.

Walked along as a companion,

on several journeys

though they were shorter and fewer were destinations.


Our relationship died a slow death.

Indifferences erupted,

choices looked bad,

trust withered,

passion fizzled,

love became delusional

but imprints on soul…

they may fade few shades

but they are for ever.


If I am an element,

they are atoms.

They make me pure.

My heart is a compartment made of love blocks.

My ex-girlfriends stacked a few blocks.

How incomplete I would be

if I remove blocks of their name.


Today when I look back, I realise

if I love myself

and wish to be true to self

I need to cherish all my moments.

All that is concentrated within me

making me unique.

I owe all that to my wife and all my ex-girlfriends

Whom I will always love until I die.


– Kumar Gautam

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