Humour poem, Mind

Hey You Mind

Hey You Mind

Oh! You mind,

what are you?

A junkyard, trash, a bin,

Leftovers dumped by the creator

and later covered up

as if you were one of his mistakes.

Or maybe he was confused

because you looked too complicated.


Oh! You mind,

should I call you a three pound piece of cake?

A cake that is not eaten but it eats, eats all.

Drains and absorbs.

At times, you remind me of sand tiger shark

that eats its own kind.

Aren’t you all the time battling with yourself,

or the one of your kind.


Oh! You mind,

have you ever observed how insane are you?

Those silly compartments within you…

Left brain, right brain.

Your stupidities,

the sense of ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘we’…


even though you come in similar CC*.


Oh! You mind,

do you remember how you behave?

At times you act schmuck,

at times you act whore.

Are you some sadist?

You make us do wrong

and call it right.

A sinful act looks moral,

a moral act sinful

at the same time…


Oh! You mind,

you have enslaved us

with your tricks,

you call intelligentsia.

We may look intelligent but act dumb

You mock, you whip

and we are sucked in to improve and prove.

You make it look all supreme,

yet it looks dull…

As Dull as dreams that put us to lull.


Oh! You mind,

you make us do things

we are not proud of.

Yet you let us bloat

with pomp and loud.

You create a bluff, we live in bluff.

World is being bluffed

and you ‘the bluffer’ enjoys the act

and simply name it mystery…


Oh! You mind,

see you are making me call you names

and there’s a damn smirk

pasted all over your face.

You seem godlier than God

and humane than human.

Yet I am unable to decode

who are you, what are you…

For that matter, why are you?

– Kumar Gautam


*CC means, cubic centimeters (cm3)





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