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Her Love Story

Her Love Story

What kind of man are you looking for?

He asked.

Who else ‘he’, yes my date.

I was gorging deep into his mischievous eyes

Before I could recollect myself to answer,

He threw away few options.

Typical one’s which can please a lady

Someone like your father?

Nah! He is best one for my mother.

Someone who can handle your any & every expenditure?

Nah! I earn enough to pay my bills.

Someone whose parents don’t live with him?

Aree! I handle enough people at work, can manage all.

Someone who can let you be the way you are?

Oh please, I am the way I am and it will attract him.

I am sure that attracts you too, isn’t it?

Oh boy! He blushed and I was all red.

He said, ‘I give up, your turn’.

Though he was smiling but the challenge was creating a deep curiosity within him.


I will fall for a man whom I can respect.

I wish to submit, leave all behind but only if I can respect him for lifetime.

Respect for being intelligent that I can talk to him for hours.

Respect for understanding that me and his mom both are equally women.

Respect for understanding that girls outside own home are as much women as his wife and mother.

Respect for not making me dependent but granting me my independence.

Respect for letting me use my money yet not web his life around my money.

Respect for courage that he has balls to confess if he falls in love with another woman.


And there was silence for a while.


He smilingly asked, “Am I worthy?”

Ahh! How cute and my heart skipped a beat

Yet I asked, “Do you desire for me?”

He replied, “Can I kiss you?”

Oh! He looked and he kissed.

Hormonal tsunami occurred. He said

“You are the most desirable one.”

And therein began our love story.  

-Kumar Gautam


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