God, Humour poem, Religion

This is God Talking

God with lost sense of humour & smile
God with lost sense of humour & smile


this is God talking

and let me confess

I no more laugh and smile.

I have stopped laughing

because there ain’t anything worthy

to laugh about.


I have lost my sense of humour.

It’s humans who decide

What’s funny for me!

What’s worth my laughter!

What should I rejoice over!

Isn’t that weird, I created humans to run the world

and they are aiming to control my world.


A slice of humour, mention of God

humans ban them all.

Cartoons, writings, paintings, sculptures, songs

any piece of art

they curb the creativity.

Chop, shot, kill, hang

my brethren

who are creators, just like me.


I wonder, yes, these are changed (“modern”) times

Earlier, humans surrendered

and asked for commandments.

These days I am supposed to surrender

and humans leave no attempts to command me.


It seems humans know me so well

better than themselves (really?)

They are aware about my likes-dislikes.

Or they think only humans have sense of humour.

Never forget, I am the source of happiness.

And I have all right to laugh and smile.

And if you have brains

I am brainier (How?)

I created millions of brain like you.


Better leave it to my discretion,

I can differentiate between a wrong and right.

If I can laugh for you

laugh with you

I can laugh at myself too.

– Kumar Gautam


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