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Makeup For Soul

Makeup for soul

I lost my best friend

A friend of opposite sex

A man, I loved

A man with whom I loved talking for hours

I loved sharing every little details of my life

A man in whose company I was me

I glowed and my eyes twinkled

A man with whom I felt safe

Never differentiated between nights or days

A man with whom I never wanted my relation

to be platonic

A man with whom I felt

an urge to make love

A man with whom I dreamt

home, children, old age

A man I wished dies

only after my death

A man I proudly called

My husband

A man for whom I happily left

my home, legacy, family name

A man, his wife I am

I bloated with pride

A man to whom

I surrendered my soul

Every evening he turned out to be a different man

Mornings he bleakly looked like my man.

He beats me everyday

Black & blue

Every day I wore make-up on my face

It covered the bruises

But couldn’t find a make-up for my soul

They are tough to hide and rarely die.

This morning I kissed him goodbye

I lost my best friend.

– Kumar Gautam


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2 thoughts on “Makeup For Soul”

  1. hmmm sad. A man that beats a woman does not love her and hates himself. He does not deserve any woman. He deserves the Hammer of Thor… and will get it in due time.

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