Friendship, love, romance

The First Kiss

First Kiss & beyond

We started off in school as strangers.

I walked to school

While you biked along

You had lot to say

And I heard it all

As school approached

We used to part

With a sly smile

Had no idea

If we will meet

another day again

Yet we became, good friends.


You were the most beautiful around

Chased by one and all

I was coy little boy

Boredom written all over

To you I sounded weird

My ideas awkward

Still for no reason

You liked my company

You sat with me

While others stroll

A time came

When you remained silent

And I was the one who talked.


A few months

And a chance tour together

You trusted you

Your parents trusted me

We were on

12 hours, bus journey

No signs of exhaustion

Bountiful of energy

We walked around

Continued exploring

After few hours

city yawned

I thought about dropping you

You asked me to just walk along.

And we walked till many slept

few as well woke up.


Dawn broke

nature rubbed it’s eyes.

Night slept

Skies stretched to light.

Sun knocked, crimson pepped

Magic light kissed your face

we sat and looked at blue sea

It seemed it was flirting with you

Attempting to steal

your glow

I clasped your hands

In my hand

Few seconds of silence

And you turned around.

You lurched ahead

And looked at me

You opened your lips

And we kissed.


We kissed till the sun smiled

Birds chirped

Waves played symphony

A few marine creatures mated

Adding to their progeny

It was all pasted over my face

It was my first kiss

Though I knew

You had been kissed before


In the midst of trance

I stole a look of yours

Your eyes were closed

To the sound of Zen

I caught you meditating

As lips probed

I felt being pampered

The way

my mother pampered me


In the crests & troughs of time

We have lost our ways

And travelled separate

But no one can take away my first kiss

It came for once

Will remain forever

People go, memories remain

Lover’s part, depart

But love doesn’t end

It’s constant.

And constant is story of my first kiss

Like everyone’s story.

  –  Kumar Gautam








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