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How About Playing Strangers

Lover to stranger

How about playing a game my love? 
Snap, and we turn strangers. 
Search for unknown
Look for unexplored
A new expedition begins for sure.


No formalities, no responsibilities
No baggage’s, no expectations
No boundaries, no limitations
No conditions, no restrictions.


How about bringing those days back
Bouts of nervousness
Pulsating heartbeats
Zest to dare the impossible 
Belief to achieve the unbelievable 
Give a damn to right-wrong, good-bad, fair-unfair
Fall-rise, fail-win
Zeal to please, just please you.


Vying for attention
A little bit appreciation
Fight to patch and patch to fight
Never ending days, silent nights
A mere touch, slight brush 
And gush of blood
Longing for kiss 
Cobwebs of confusion 
Trillions of thoughts scaring for no reason


No over-thinking, no calculations
No adjustments to mood and exhaustion 
No worries about routine and sleep 
People’s thoughts, opinions & mischief’s.


How about playing this game my love 
Where love wins and intelligence doesn’t mind a defeat.
– Kumar Gautam

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