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Who am I

transgender symbol


I wonder

Who am I?

A body trapped in different soul

Or a soul mismatching the body.


I ponder

Who is at war?

Me with myself

or the world is picking fights with me.


I am amused.

Who made me slave?

My dilemmas

or society.


I think hard. 

What am I scared of ?


Or the journey ahead.


Then I realise.

Isn’t it same with all humans?

Moving in and around

Pain, pleasure and several emotions.


I understand.

I am not a sinner.

I should love myself the way I am

World should accept the way I am.


Without hesitation

Let me say

It’s okay to be who you are

I am a transgender.


Proud I am

I am a transgender.

No different, nor any wonder

Yes, I am a transgender.


Don’t ogle, don’t laugh

I am not a national shame

Or an epidemic

Just a transgender.


Love me, hold me, smile at me

Warm I am as any human on earth

With pride I say

I am a transgender.


– Kumar Gautam


This poem is an attempt to voice the feelings of transgenders across globe. I dedicate this to all my transgender friends globally striving hard to search their identity and a sense of existence.










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