Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry, Separation

Future of yours is left with me

  © Jyoti Madnani
Your history was with me, your future is with me

No body gets out of love alive.
Dead I am,
Since you left.

Your love gave me respite
Made me feel desirable
Almost like an addiction
It was sort of bet,
Made me feel valuable

You are gone.
How can fire survive without air
Today all seems meaningless
Even a compliment
Because it’s not coming from you

I remember how you desired me,
When I was away from you.
When I was around others,
You used to look at me from a distance.
I want that gaze back…
Those novelties, those surprises back…

I wish I was as much a free spirit like you
Living in moment to moment…
I wish I could run away
And all didn’t look like shimmering mirage to me

Whatever said and done
I know I own you
I have a history with you
I know you gonna come back to me
For the future of yours left with me.

© Kumar Gautam


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