I hate both love and God

Stop Acid Attacks

I hate love

As much I hate God.

I don’t have the answer if love created God or God created love

Or they evolved along to complement each other

But I hate them both; Love & God.

I doubt ever God had faith in us

Why are we tested often, back & forth

Don’t know who got corrupted with time

God or Love?


But they are vicious

Does God take lives as per his mood swings?

Or its funny for him to see us in trouble.

And people in love,

They kill for love and kill in love.

Love to one is hatred for the other

God to one is Satan for the other.

Where lies the chastity

If God and love is impure

Of what else can human mind be sure.


– Kumar Gautam

 *Dedicated to all the acid attack victims


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