Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry, Humour poem, Humourous Love Poem

Love Insane

Love Insane

This is insane

To fall in love again

Try all over



Become a laughing stock

And vow not to fall in love again.


Wait a minute,

Why should I love you?

Or why do I love you?

There’s no logic, no reasoning

Except a sense of loss

Insecurity that I may lose you…

But I don’t own you at first place.

Look at you…

Your eyes, your face

And mystery enveloped all over.

Stop looking at me that way

Because every time I look at you

I catch you lost…

Longing for love


Let me breathe

Breathe in you…

Breathe in love, in you…

Let violinist play

Choir sing

Dancer’s sway

In between the chaos

I want you…

Even though it’s insane

To fall in love again

– Kumar Gautam



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