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My right to love

My love, Your love

It’s not all about sex

It’s about companionship

It’s about love.

My right to love.

My right to be loved.

My right to love whosoever I want to.

My right to be loved by whosoever I want.


A question,

Aren’t we all living to earn love?

I am living to earn much more love.

I yearn to be a better human everyday so that I am loved.

I am loved more and more,

in my lifetime

and even after I die.


Can you think of a thing above love? 

Respect, comes out of love.

Admiration, another form of love.

Popularity, when more and more people love.

Money, it has bought all but love.


When it’s all about love

then let’s be human, play equal.

Act modern, be liberal.

You love whosoever you like,

let me love whosoever I like.

Let’s not complicate things which are so obvious,

so natural.


© Kumar Gautam

Note: This poem supports my friends across the world from LGTBQ community fighting for their ‘right to love’.


3 thoughts on “My right to love”

  1. Hi Kumar Gautam,

    My blog posts show that I’m fully in favor of right of love for homosexuals. Not just that, but I am in favor of even recognizing civil unions.

    However I consider the LGBT cultural movement as unhealthy for Bharatiya Samaj. I don’t approve of promotion, exhibitionism and glorification of LGB lifestyle, as the LGBT movement does in the West.

    The Dharmic tradition would always favor a sympathetic view of love and peace. LGBT movement is however a rebellion against conventional thinking and existing traditions, and in such a form it would only undermine the system which could allow it more freedom.


    1. Thanks for commenting. The case in India is slightly different, LGBT are criminals as per law under section 377 IPC. So its less a movement and more a demand of rights to equality on the pretext that LGBT are humans.

      Responding to your point at macro level, Dharma is what you practise. In vedas its mentioned, “dharyate dharma”. So we are no one to preach others about their dharma, yes we can continue with our Dharma. It might be dharma of various group of LGBT to pursue cultural movement. As long as its doesn’t affect others peace, sanctity and integrity…I don’t see a problem.


      1. The case of transsexuals or intersex is different. That is like the third gender and it does not affect Bharatiya Samaj. Hijras are in fact a feature of Bharatiya Samaj. It does not affect because a man or a woman do not feel addressed by such a culture.

        As for LGB -T exhibitionism and glorification, it can affect Samaj, wean away men and women from Grihastha Asrama, providing an alternate equivalent model of living.

        So even though LGBT should be given respect in society, their open flaunting of LGBT lifestyle or doing LGBT Pride parades need not be accepted. Then it becomes harmful.


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