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Wish you come by

Wish You Come By

Flurrying curtains, moist breeze

Half lit room, messed bed sheet

Scented candle about to breathe last

Two half empty red wine glasses

And a half empty bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon

I look at them and gasp

Let me say – they all miss you…

Okay, I shed my male ego…

I miss you and they miss you two.


People say, they just move on…

Is it true?

I tried and dreamt of you

You were fading away


Away from me

I pressed delete and you ended up in trash

I felt bad, wept

How can the best days of my life

End up in trash…

I restored

And you were back smiling all over my mind.


Again people pressurized and asked

“Give a new lease to life”

And I mustered courage

Looked for Alt, Ctrl & Delete

And pressed it hard

Once, twice, thrice…tenth time

You popped and appeared

Like those virus affected files

You looked Brighter and better…

And I gave up…


I stored you in a memory card

And let the brain go light years away.

My heart now operates this chip

Chip is there but I miss you

It’s been a year you left forever

Wine, candle, bed, breeze all are missing you…

And I am not ashamed of admitting, I miss you two…

–          Kumar Gautam


14 thoughts on “Wish you come by”

  1. Nicely done! Wanting the memory is so human and the chip in our phones, computer… it is changing the way we remember. I like the candles and wine that miss and remember, and that the speaker in the poem does to.


  2. Kumar, I appreciate your perspective in this poem. We are all human who feel deeply – joy, pain, sorry, love. Expressing this, from a man’s perspective is affirming that the emotions goes both ways and men should not cut away from their deepest emotions.


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