Mellow Days

Lost in you...
Lost in you…

Bring back mellow days
The sight that rejuvenates life
You & me beside…
And imagination flies way beyond infinite heights
While we stay calm in each other’s eyes

The surroundings melt and gel to create a loveable amalgam
We dip in, slide, glide, glow, row, paint
And create our own world…
A world where in only two of us breathe in tandem
And sense one breathe...

A sort of nirvana we achieve in each others company.
We cleanse ourselves with love
And let the world smoke love too…
Anguish releases
Pain extinguishes
Stress bursts
Strain gives way to glow
And world turns paradise.

Take me my love
In that little world
Which looks big, never ending and seamless.
It’s just you & me
And one breath.

– Kumar Gautam


4 thoughts on “Mellow Days

  1. Dionne

    Beautiful. Your writing is vulnerable, honest. That is poetry: looking, listening, thinking, feeling, writing with an honesty only words can lend. I also appreciate your statement about writing poetry…honoring your craft and committing to it throughout your lifetime. Nice.


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