Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry, I am love

I am Love…

I am love...
I am love…

I am love,

Let me rub myself all over you.

Call me agape or philia,

I am one you can’t hide away from.

Fatal I am and sporadic too.

Touch me and I am there in you.

Sniff me in the air,

Catch me in the eyes,

I flash in young and old around.

You can feel me,

In anything living around

Or the one you consider living. 

In giggle, smile, tear

Feel me and I am there.


I am love,

In self-respect I am

When you love yourself.

In compassion, belief, faith, goodwill

Omnipresent I am.

Restless I am

until I am submerged or connected.

Someone I am who can’t keep it to self,

I need to give away.

I am in abundance

Readily available, rechargeable.

I am the byproduct of happiness,

The essence of soul.


I am love

Your reflection, mirror image.

Twinkle in your eyes,

Radiance in your smile,

Gleam on your face,

Energy in your motion,

Infecting the environment around

Spreading me all over…


I am love.

I am God

When I am in you.

You love yourself, you love others

And you are God…

And you are love…

– Kumar Gautam


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