Modern Woman, Women or Female Human

Women or Female Human

Gender Equality

Neither I wish to worship nor do I wish to pretend

that I worship women

We are god fearing nation and women are supposed to be goddesses

But I don’t worship at all, I am an atheist

I only love people, I love them all

It’s true, I love my parents most

It’s because of them I could see this life

May be I love my mother more because I just can’t quantify her love and doings

Now that I don’t worship women doesn’t mean I am a chauvinist

I am liberal, an egalitarian  

I treat them equal

As important and equal as another man, a fellow human being


Women are not a weaker sex for me…

She is as different as many men are from each other

Performing different duties for survival

Aren’t the biggest battles of life won by mental strength?  

And women are no way far behind

We are yet to device an instrument to calculate mental strength instantly

Then, why the discrimination?


Why should I protect women?

And why should I ONLY protect a woman..

Why not anyone vulnerable?

I will stop people from abusing a man by calling him aurat* (woman)

It’s not abusing that man, its abusing all female human

I will intervene if someone is called Hijra* or chakka* or even a gay

That’s demeaning a section of human beings, us    


I am not feeling guilty of my deeds in past, if any,

I will also not pretend to regret or feel sorry…

I loved girls, loved looking at them, flirting with them

I will flirt with girls, tease them lovingly, try to win them

They may get offended, react, and hurt my ego

But still if I feel strongly I will try and win them again

They may again get offended, react, hurt my ego, harm me…

That doesn’t mean I will retaliate

I will of course not abuse, call them names & harm them

That’s not being human

I will never be violent

Even wild animals get violent only when they fear for their life or they are hungry

I will definitely not rape them; forget inserting weapons in their private part

Or cutting womb and flashing them in air.  


I will not amass wealth to marry my daughter

And buy property as a future investment for my son.

Me and my wife wish we have a child, oh yeah twins would be great

We don’t wish we have a son first or a daughter first…

We wish to raise them equal

As good as a human can be as per our sensibilities till they turn adult

Then it would be their life, their rights and our guidance.  


This is the way I see women

This is my road map to gender equality

I am going to check and nurture my thoughts

And pass on to generations.

The way I am at home, I will behave outside

Work together, support each other

And make the world a beautiful place to live in

Because I don’t want to wake up every morning reading newspaper

With shocking, appalling, atrocious, awful news item that spoils my day

And rest assured we can’t do without a women

Whether she is a wife, mother, sister, relative, colleague or friend

We need them as much we need ourselves

We need to love them as much we love ourselves

– Kumar Gautam

*Aurat: A word in Hindi language for women.

*Hijra/Chakka: A word in Hindi/Urdu language for Transgender.


22 thoughts on “Women or Female Human”

  1. great poem nd great feelings……keep it up……if everyne should have feelings like urs then it would be safe nd best for all girls, women……..great……


  2. Very fierce, a pounding quality to your words. I’m reminded of youth, and causes, and hopes and a desire to fight for that which is right – a King Author, a round table memorandum. Thank-you for your work. I like your website. I watched you recite poetry on You Tube – I wish I could have understood, but it was a pleasure to watch you recite your work. Best Regards, SK Woodiwiss


  3. Awesome words… yes, women don’t need to be treated as goddesses, but need to be treated as fellow human beings.

    This is one of best pieces written about women…


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