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Be Love

Swirling Dervishes by Kumar Gautam

Don’t wait for love,

Become love.

Turn fourteen,

Be weird,

Act crazy,

Don’t care, 

Remain adamant, 

Get conquered.

Let the world mock at you,

Crack jokes on you,

Hurl abuses at you,

Malign you, defame you.

You just be love.


Love will emit love,



Give hints,

Do divine arrangements.

You are love,

Only love will come to you.

Love, love

Much more love.

Immeasurable, Infinite.

There again you just ‘be love’.

No angel, messiah, prophet or God

Just love…  

– Kumar Gautam


19 thoughts on “Be Love”

  1. I think that you want to say when we face doubts about our love, we should keep our path and shine our love. In poetry, each word is the string that knits an imagination, and not just an word, and I wish to see more of that in your poetry.

    Just my opinion =).


      1. Dear Kumar,

        A good poem will touch our heart, and the expression we want to make must be clear and simple in words, but with immense depth in its meaning. I feel that you have many ideas you want to express (it is important to elaborate or making them with a impact on our emotion) in this writing in a short poem.



  2. You know..
    I actually do all these things..
    Guess that’s why the world mocks me (as u say in your poem)
    But what the hell..
    be happu with what you are is what I say


  3. I like this a lot. It strikes a personal note with me, concerning what I experienced when I was around that age. People may think of this being to get corrupted, but I find it to be an oath to embrace the world, to open your arms and become part of it, evolving from your childish ways



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