Modern Woman

Modern Woman

Modern, yes I am

Woman, yes I am

That doesn’t mean I need to be skimpily dressed

Tag along boys as toys

And pretend to be feminist

Or just turn lesbian.


I am modern

Because I speak my mind and stick to it

In a patriarchal society

I act human first and then a woman

Practice liberty

Believe in civil society

That necessarily doesn’t mean, I am alcoholic

Or I love puffing cigarette

Or I am a horny bitch.


Modern doesn’t mean I practice Kamasutra*

Or play with gizmos and gadgets.

Wait a minute, don’t be illusive

I am certainly not a virgin

But by no mean it means I believe in orgy.

Of Course I am adventurous

But I like it soft and sweet.


Modern doesn’t mean I am from some different planet

I love and I love to be loved

I do feel low and need shoulders to weep

That certainly doesn’t mean holding hands in public

But I will stand by my husband even if he has erectile dysfunction

I practice values

My approach and style has substance. 

Yes, I am a woman. 

Yes, I am modern. 

– Kumar Gautam

*Kamasutra – Ancient Indian text on sexual pleasure and behaviour.



9 thoughts on “Modern Woman”

  1. Dear Kumar Gautam

    I think it is very difficult to capture the image of a modern woman. What is the value we admired most? What is the value that is different from olden days woman that we admired of? For me, I love a woman who embrace the modern world, and keep some of the beautiful values. It is the same with Man. The ultimate question is, how can we capture the spirit of modern woman who we admired deeply, like our mother.

    Just my thoughts.


  2. I love that this poem has humor and seriousness at the same time. It’s an interesting balance. I relate to it well because I’ve never believed in being a girl who has to let go of right values because I live in a modern age but at the same time, I am very modernized. Well done. 🙂


  3. I love the way you tried to put today’s women on paper.i m sure
    Ladies out there must be relating with your thought,as it’s truly
    Said….keep writing cheers!!


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