It’s a fair, huge festival

Celebration of humanity

With myriad colours flashing all around  

Blue, yellow, black, green, red

Interlaced together in peace with white

Amidst spirits, music, cheers & uproar.


204 nations, more than 10,000 athletes

Caucasian, Aryan, Colored, Mongolian

Tall, stout, lanky, muscular, well-built, heavy  weight

All beaming ear to ear

Exuding divine confidence

Competing for the pride of the nation.


No conflict, no discrimination

What so ever be the caste, creed, sex, race

All are for participation, positive competition

They win, they lose

Gold, silver & bronze

But the winners are all

As they compete and conquer inner fear.


They greet, they respect

They acknowledge each other

And practice being human.

It looks utopian world for a while

And makes one believe

Yes, we all have had same ancestor.

We have similar genes

And we are one species.


Doesn’t this look like a beautiful affair

Happening in some other planet far away

When the world today is full of

Hatred, violence, war, terrorism

Looking for opportunities to wipe each other

Can’t we co-exist peacefully together

The way humans exist during Olympics.  

– Kumar Gautam


12 thoughts on “Olympics”

  1. I like the spirit of the poem. No discrimination of rich and poor, and colors, and nations. Why can’t we have a goal like this? Isn’t this is truly a civilized world?


      1. You know to be truthful, because of world telecast of Olympic games…many has been able to know about various nations in Carribean and africa…that otherwise are unheard of. In fact, I myself learned about 5 such new nations which won medals in Olympics. Olympics is an amazing event in the days of nuclear war, water war & war in the name of God.


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