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I’m Game…

I love you,

But you want that I must 

ONLY love you. 

Now C’mon 

Don’t take away spice from my life 

Just be a good friend & not another wife. 


You always mention

There’s one God that loves all.

You ask me to admire and love

nature, flowers, birds & animals.

Then what pisses you off

If I admire other beauties.


Anyone can love anyone

There can’t be any resistance to true emotion.

Love is something that needs to be exchanged

whether its with men, women or children.

So never ever think I betray you

If I ogle or love another woman.


I don’t claim to be messiah of love

But I will love one and all even if they hate me.

For example, I love you 

Even if you doubt I love you.

Love is something that one should just claim 

Who so ever claims, I’m game. 

– Kumar Gautam


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