Call from Aurora, Colorado

Enough of war, terrorism and massacre

Enough of Bombs, guns and bullets

Enough in the name of scientific research & defence budget

Can we please pause for a while & think

“Where are we leading to?”


Seems everyone is hungry here…

Greed has become necessity, a routine and practise

And all are turning megalomaniac

Knowledge has become demon

and love has lost its value, its place


Have we ever tried using love as weapon

I have practised at times

It certainly kills, yes the beast within

yet never hurts.

It connects one to self, I to me and residual is peace


Can we all just gulp a capsule of love

And give life another chance to live.

Or are we all sort of prepared for doomsday

I am sure its not so far

the way we are avoiding love & becoming typically robotic.


– Kumar Gautam


9 thoughts on “Call from Aurora, Colorado

  1. aak92

    So true. Nice poem. Though I would say i don’t understand alot of your poems. They are kinda above my level and interest. But you write good. Keep writing.


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