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Call from Aurora, Colorado

Enough of war, terrorism and massacre.

Enough of Bombs, guns and bullets.

Enough in the name of scientific research

and defence budget.

Can we please pause for a while and think

“Where are we leading to?”


Seems everyone is hungry here

emotionally dried up, mentally tired and psychologically disturbed 

Greed has become necessity, a routine and practise

And all are turning megalomaniac

Knowledge has become demon

and love has lost its value, its place. 

evil is overpowering good

being wild seems to be new breed of human.  


Have we ever tried using love as weapon?

I have practised at times.

It certainly kills, yes the beast within

yet never hurts.

It connects one to self,

I to me and residual is peace.


Can we all just gulp a capsule of love

And give life another chance to live.

Or are we all sort of prepared for doomsday

I am sure its not so far

the way we are avoiding love

and becoming typically robotic.


© Kumar Gautam



9 thoughts on “Call from Aurora, Colorado”

  1. So true. Nice poem. Though I would say i don’t understand alot of your poems. They are kinda above my level and interest. But you write good. Keep writing.


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