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Move On

Move on…

It’s easy for you to say that baby

But for sure I know

You gonna cry a lot

As you bang door on me. 


I wish I could wipe

Or just delete

The happy days we spent

But the fact is that they were not some dreams

They were all so damn real.


I wish you could just

See or feel else hear my thoughts

As I have lost the strength to mouth my words.

Wish you could just unclog your heart

And let the passions flow as it used to be. 


Wish, I was a robot

Move on, I could have said

And walked out of your life.

But things aren’t so simple…I will walk off with my body

But how will I damn tame the soul?


Those days, those nights, mornings and twilight

Crush, love and chiding fights

one bear hug and then smothering kiss

How can I give that warmth, that look amiss

Those treasures would be stored forever until you claim and collect. 


The truth is, time will pause for us but yeah life will move on.

We can’t take out each other from us

As we have grown together for long…

For our best as you say, let’s ‘move on’…

I suggest, we better ‘rest on’ until you come back to me.     


– Kumar Gautam


10 thoughts on “Move On”

    1. Yes, this is the way I think. I believe all memories are precious and happenings in your life adds only to you. Thanks for liking it.


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