Only me…

Angel, damsel, vinegar, sweet.

Cruel, creative, vengeful, lovable.

I am what I am

Its me, me, me and only me.


You say, I am arrogant

But world to me looks stagnant

And I have all choices to be rosy.


You find me tricky

I sound preachy

Yeah, because I am knowledge tree.


You say, I look little plumb

my forehead shines more than you dumb

Of course, I am a lethal combination of brain and beauty.


You are surprised by all I do

Left-right, east-west and up-down too.

Its simple, I am an exclusive entity.


Proud I am of all my achievements

Happy I am about my past and present

Future surely will shine following my ideologies.


There are lot more to come

I can’t say when I will be done

wait and watch, I will create history.


Oh! you…If you are real human

I wouldn’t mind my submission

as I too have a heart, emotion and sensitivity.


Mind you, at the end of the day

You will be you…he, she or thee

from my side

Its me, me, me and only me.

– Kumar Gautam

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