Me & You, Twitter, Virtual relationship

Virtual relationship

Call it infatuation, crush or love.

Whatever it is,

Our virtual relationship must go on.


I don’t want to know more of you,

I don’t wish to meet you off-line,

I don’t want you to know my real name,

I don’t wish that you see my real face.

This love routed through technology must go on.


I visualise you from your words,

I smell you by your deeds,

I touch you through my replies,

All just happens through post, updates and tweets.

This beautiful social dream must go on.


Of course this is not maddening,

My parents had pen friends.

Romance blossomed through pen and mail,

Now we are seconds away,

Thanks to social networking and internet.


Let all about you be a mystery and secret.

Better I remain happy reading your posts and updates.

Tomorrow if we crisscross each other,

I am sure there would be love in the air.

Till then for best we remain online couple, online lovers.


© Kumar Gautam


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