Self - Help, world and me

World and Me

World and Me

The world is watching.

They think, I am growing.

Am I?

Answers, still I am searching.


I am not learning,

rather unlearning.

compromising, surrendering



Sensitivity is lost.

Emotions are valueless.

Mind is politicized.

Sympathy – empathy are mere words.

Compassion is a trick to exploit.


God? Excuse me!

Demi – Gods are real.

Just relying on self

Will it bail me out?

Or will I become worst to achieve worldly best!


© Kumar Gautam

Photo: 500px Photo ID: 64163575


8 thoughts on “World and Me”

    1. Thanks Hitesh…Politicized means “making political”. In politics you don’t emote, you play only to win at any cost. Emotions and politics, generally, don’t go hand in hand until and unless someone exploits EQ, “emotional quotient”.

      Hope this answers your query.


  1. I have self doubts, questions and worries too my brother. Sometimes, the sights we see and the things we hear take away our humanity.


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