Revolution, Wake up



Independent is only breath


before the God in you dies.

Realise, you are not ‘aam aadmi’*.

You are India, you are “Bharat Mata”**



before apathy becomes a habit.

The tear dries, wounds heal

and you leave it all to destiny.



just not talk about revolution behind enclosed doors.

Be the first to spread the virus of virtue

and do it before few end up picking guns.



and behave civilised.

Cry for liberty, demand your rights

before a dictator uprises to control your life.



before your children question you

and your teachers forget you.

You need to wake up for the time to stop and smile.



till your last breath,

to be born again

and just not waste this precious life.

– Kumar Gautam


* aam aadmi – Hindi word for ordinary human being.

* *Bharat Mata – The country India being treated synonymous to ‘mother’ by citizens (children of soil) in Hindi (National Language)


14 thoughts on “Wake-Up”

  1. I don’t lose hope…I don’t lose hope because words like these churn the goodness in me..!!! Truly PROPHETIC…KUMAR JI…More power to your pen…!!!


    1. Thanks Subodh…your words give strength and inspiration not only to write better but work for it at ground level. Thanks again 🙂


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