Me & You



How can a line divide you and me!

Create distinction, differentiation between us

and our love.

Those markings on land, in water, mountains and woods

have they been able to separate them.

Rivers, lakes, sea, oceans every where there’s border

but aren’t they the one connecting people, places and world.


Markings, lines and borders are for maps,

they are political constructions.

An absurd human creation by and for few ones.

We are what we are because of our feelings and emotions

We have a thing called heart and another thing named soul

that makes us human.

How can we abide by forced discipline

as long as we share heart to heart and soul to soul connection.

© Kumar Gautam


7 thoughts on “Border”

  1. …Borders are the lines we can transform in letters and form words, from all the sides of this globe, sharing them through our blogs :-))))
    I really like the message in your poem Kumar: “heart to heart”, no line can devide that!


  2. Kumar, better expressed than I have done. The sentiment is entirely right, leave people to get on with living with each other and let the so called leaders argue among themselves as long as they don’t interfere with ‘ordinary’ people. I hate that expression, people are universally extraordinary!


  3. the toughest borders to cross are imaginary, created on political, ethnic and religious divides where they should not be…and they hurt us real bad.

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