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Light a Candle

Light a candle, 

and spread the white. 

Paint it all white around

so that it looks extremely pure 

and nourishes life.


Light a candle, 

and see the God.

He is there within light.

It is he who uncovers dark

and keeps shadow upright.


Light a candle, 

It represents eyes of God.

It represents fire within you.

It is you killing dark.

It is you spreading divinity.


Light a candle,

Its holy Christ.

wick is his body

wax is his soul

Light to keep his mission unite.

Just light a candle…

– Kumar Gautam 


11 thoughts on “Light a Candle”

  1. I have recited most of poems felt very inspiring & aspiring ,They are SIMPLY the BEST keep it up. Ram se Bada Ho sakta hai phir Ram ka Naam.


  2. Its awesome how a single candle can chase a way darkness…candle of kind words, helps, laughter, encouragement, kindness…we should light more of these and the world would be better.


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