Belief, Faith, Religion


God and Faith

What is Faith?

Can’t be a gift by birth

or a thought coerced by society.


Isn’t Faith;

peace for world order,

free trade for states,

growth for business class,

opportunities for middle class,

survival for poor,

humanity for human.


Then what are these religion?

Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity and others.

An attempt to create confusion

or bombs of destruction controlled by few ‘chosen one’

or a support system for ignorant one’s.


Faith is you.

Your free mind, your inner consciousness

Faith is what you practice and not some book.

– Kumar Gautam


3 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. this one touched me brother. Religion seems to be the very thing that will grind the world to a halt, and at the same time what will save the people in it. I think we are doing religion the wrong way.


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