Euthanasia, Humanity

An open letter from Aruna Shanbaug

At times you smile, at times life smiles at you
At times you smile, at times life smiles at you

Please help me, I want to die…

And I want to die with dignity.


You can’t even estimate my pain…

Come, feel me else visualize.

I am all left in bone and skeleton.

The way vegetables lie in your kitchen

Why you want me to keep alive,

When you throw away vegetables stale and dry.

Please help me, I want to die…


I don’t believe in miracles… I really don’t believe in miracles.

In last 36 years, have not seen one

What I am going through is torture,

And I have no God to rely.

My peers are my God.

Have mercy on them…they want to see me die.

Please help me, I want to die…


They say soul never dies… They say soul never dies

But I have seen it cry

Have felt it struggling to liberate

Heaven, hell…anywhere please let it fly

I have my right to life

Why can’t I choose when to die?


Please help me, I want to die…

– Kumar Gautam


25 thoughts on “An open letter from Aruna Shanbaug”

    1. Sir,
      A day ago Aruna Shaunbag was only a name that brought in my mind the feeling, sympathy. But today as I heard from my best friend, another woman, about Aruna Shaunbag, the sympathizing heart that i felt for her shifted to empathizing. To picture myself in place of her kith and kin. How i would have felt if she was my mother, my sister or my friend. My friend as she spoke was never sympathizing with Aruna’s state but uplifting her int the standards of a hero. With all her heart my friend said how Aruna is an inspiration even being in such a state. Its great to see that you framed a poem out of mere words that really speaks for her soul. Yes today she’s been freed of her misery. I would have agreed with the idea of her having never met justice and longing to be saved from the vegetative state if I never heard from my friend how different Aruna”s picture was to her,my friend. May be one could easily call it a struggle, a longing to be saved from a dreary dream. Like you say sir, she might be crying in her dreams, in every breath she take ,every second without sense of imagination of the brain, breath or time. But however I try to give into your poem which certainly depict my first impressions when i heard about Aruna, the words of young female friend comes int my mind ” Aruna Shaunbag is like a hero to me, someone who asks me to fight for my freedom, my rights as a woman. I never sympathized with and I know her not personally, but that woman passed away today after 42 years of struggle…how i wished she survived..for she inspires me without her knowing..may be she knows now..yes..”…may be she knows and 42 years of struggle..may be it was not a struggle for euthanasia but deep within maybe Aruna was fighting to see the world hear..I do not know sir..its just that my friend is another young woman and her words moved me a lot..made me think..first impression replaced on second thought just that..


      1. Dear Jessin, thank you so much for expressing. I have utmost respect for the thoughts & feelings of your friend. She may be right but certain truth went away with aruna. Aruna’s soul must be delighted sensing that she inspired another woman. Isn’t that an achievement or a positive outcome of her being alive for 42 years. Yes, aruna is a hero. I am sure in some or other way she must have inspired many of us and will certainly inspire generations to come. Still, I stick to my point, “Right to life & right to death”. I suggest, you read this and let me know your views. Thanks


  1. Heart-wrenching, Kumar,

    Aruna Shanbaug deserves to be freed from her human shell, her family & friends deserve closure, yet, where do we draw the line? Can we depend on people to ‘lawfully’ assess if a life is worth living?
    The Bible (if one believes in God) states…..
    No man dies unless God allows it – Job 2:6
    It is not your life to do with as you please, that is rebellion – Psalm 12:4

    The Hippocratic oath that doctors take, says……“I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but I will never use it to injure or wrong them. I will not give poison to anyone though asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a plan”.

    And while we debate about the pros & cons of euthanasia, Aruna Shanbaug looks on with empty eyes…
    Needless to say, I have signed many petitions asking for Euthanasia to be made legal, albeit with shaking hands.

    Thanks for an invigorating read,


  2. Hmmmm. This is touching and sad…that a human would suffer so much and beg for death! I really I’m at a loss for words.


  3. Very good post indeed. I feel very comfortable in your blog. I’m looking for how to subscribe to receive new entries via email or my browser but can not find 😦 Keep writing as well!


    1. Thank you Mahi, I am sure the people who know her might be happy because she finally her soul attained. Imagine 42 years in coma.


  4. I don’t want to feel her pain, I am not brave like her. I just wish, that her soul rest in peace and saying ..

    ” I will fly like a bird en-route heaven,
    where no dog can hunt me down,
    I will sleep in the arms of clouds,
    with no medicine in my mouth and no media in my ears .. ”

    ~ by Shwetank
    lots of love Aruna ..


      1. Thanks Buddy,

        Added some more emotions to it ..

        ” I will fly like a bird en-route heaven,
        where no dog can hunt me down,
        I will sleep in the arms of clouds,
        with no medicine in my mouth

        I don’t want anyone to feel my pain,
        My pain may blow your brain,
        I smile as I knock on the doors of heaven,
        I fly to seek answers from my creator

        *Why God ? Why you gave me this pain*

        I will fly like a bird en-route heaven,
        where no dog can hunt me down “


  5. I heard abt her whn my father was in coma …..
    I know what coma is for the attendants…may Almighty bless those sisters
    I couldn’t stop my tears till now after the news of sister Aruna


  6. I don’t have words to express how I’m feeling.she was a young women and as a women my self I can imagine her dreams, dreams to be happy to be loved, dream to marry one day the person she loves and many more.but all her dreams all her planning for life were crushed just because of an animal. 😥 and poets, u are the people who can extract the feelings from a dead to the world.


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