Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry

While You Fly…

Baby it was great seeing you growing,

Picking up attitude in style and cruising.

I know the steps were cruel and grueling,

You pulled each one with smart working.


The more you won, the more was I happy.

Might have sound harsh but was within peppy.

Your success was my pride; your efforts were my stride.

And I had dreamt of walking together side by side.


You have been a breeze who desires to blow strong.

Strong enough to sing with wind yet compose own song.

It’s unjust to cage you now that you have confident wings

I wish you fly…and fly beyond sky much high…ding, dang, ding…


And if ever you shake in plight or feel exerted at height,

Whistle the tune from our past life.

Your all energies are submitted within, you can claim it whenever you like

Till then for our peace and success, much luck…adieus…good bye.

Kumar Gautam


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