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Mamma, Who Are Terrorist

Mamma who are terrorist?
Are they God?
We talk about them so much.
I heard someone saying,
they can leave or kill anyone as per their will.


Mamma are they some great people?
They always talk about him on TV,
their pictures are in newspaper.
We also have been discussing them,
Even you ask me not to go out alone
else they will kill me.


But mamma, to me
they look like normal human being.
With guns in their hand
they look so dashing.
Just like heroes
in my computer game “desert storm”.


Still mamma, I don’t understand
Why do they kill people?
Will they kill papa and you
because you fight each other.
Will they kill me
if i don’t finish my homework.


Mamma should I become terrorist
when I grow up.
I will also kill people “dichkyaun”
if they won’t listen to us.
What say, for my friends and you and dad
I will become more popular, more famous.

– Kumar Gautam


3 thoughts on “Mamma, Who Are Terrorist”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if all these violence in games and movies are not killing the humanity in the children of today…violence comes natural more than in the past and it is dangerous.
    Not only poor people now have a reason to be violent, even normal thrill seekers go into terrorism.



      1. I saw a boy playing with a very real looking pump action rifle and he was ‘shooting’ at everyone, including his father. he was so comfortable with it that I imagined him in 20 years, holding a gun to someone’s head…Hmmmm.


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