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Will You Be My Valentine

This Valentine's Day

I may not become martyr in love
and be named Saint Valentine.
I may not slash my wrist
and tear my heart.
Tattoo your name all over my body
Or jump off from roof-top
I may not weep gallons
and smoke out drugs & pot.
I may not be red roses
that make you blush and smile.
I may not be those dark chocolates
that mellows and keeps you bright.
I may not be those red heart-shaped cushions,
your friend on lonely night.
I may be not be glittering diamonds
that sparkles your body arc and pride.
I may not be those salivating pani-puri’s*
That fills you up with delight.

But I am someone who will not shy away
from holding your hands at any instance with pride.
Listening to you, lending my ears
Accept you, the way you are dear
Walking along with you  
whether it is heaven or hell.
Applauding you on your achievements
from sideline.
Keeping you brave
in wildest fear.
Becoming a clown
cracking you up at times of despair.

They say its season of love
and it’s blasphemous to be single.
I better not wait for cupid to strike
Shake, wake and open our eyes.
Without any delay let me say
Will you be my Valentine?
As today is Valentine’s Day.

 © Kumar Gautam

*Panipuri – a common street snack in India, favourite with girls and ladies.


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