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Love Versus Lust

love vs lust

You think,
I don’t love you
and I am full of lust.
You think,
I am a pervert bastard
with no sense of morality.

We are man and woman
and that makes us different
We are so distant,
yet very much attracted.
Isn’t this a mystery?

To tell you the truth,
love needs intimacy to grow
love transcends sex
It is divine meeting of energies.
It’s unfair to blame me for my daring lust,
it’s a bloody hormonal conspiracy.

Tell me, You’ll still think I’m pervert
If I ask you, ‘let’s be intimate, baby’.

© Kumar Gautam


3 thoughts on “Love Versus Lust”

  1. hi !
    this is wd reference to ur poem- love Vs lust
    all through the years, i grew up nursing a grudge against all those nasty elderly,who thought of sex as the meanest thing to indulge in. alas! these people dont understand the divine conspiracy that is hatched to keep the life on planet alive. one needs to understand that testosterone is the most soughtafter catalyst on the planet.


  2. This is the best poem I have read!

    Our Indian culture is full hypocrisy – we do andar ka bahar all the time but are not ready to admit. I have been having been doing with my sister, but she is not showing interest in me in front of daddy & mummy and acting shy only. What is this if not double standard (dogulapan??)

    I will sing her this poem tonite. maybe she will understand my divine energy and my being needy also. Thank you mr.gautam, I think if you write for movie then you will make hit bigger than emotionl atyachrr also!!! god bless! and keep writing more..


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