Happy Valentine's Day, 14th February, love poem, love poetry


Last Valentine
I was lonely
and so was she.
We met,
we clung,
developed bond immediately.

We were
gloomy and sad,
miserably doing bad.
We faked to enchant
we deceived to impress,
and gave false identities.

We tried to fill in,
we tried to complete.
The more we tried,
we intruded each others space
and ended up bargaining
on our individuality.

We planned integrating
to keep on growing.
But pretending-expecting
stopped us from
growing, unconditionally.

This ‘happened’ love
brought lot of disgrace.
There was nothing called love,
we settled for less.

This Valentine, my pal
never be lonely, rather be alone
blissful from within
enough on your own
and love the LOVE in it’s purest form.

© Kumar Gautam


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