Let’s walk together, the stairs of life.
Its a proposal from my side.
Life is not always terrain and plain,
Many-a-times its plateau and mountain.
But I’ve a desire to cruise like fountain,
I seek your company for a personal gain.


In our journey together,
There will be both pain and pleasure.
There would be moments sweet and bitter,
I don’t claim to be a master.
And there would be mistakes altogether,
But I know you are a great forgiver.


Never ever get angry with me,
Else life will indeed kick me.
I’ll break down into fragments,
And destiny will shy away from joining segments.
I apologise for all well in advance,
And ask for your forever love and glance.


I promise to be with you whenever you need,
and that too without an ounce of greed.
I may not do some great deed,
But I’ll be of some help indeed.
I’ll give you all possible,
And keep you away from rock and pebble.


Let’s pray to almighty for his blessing,
And seek refuge of that loving and caring.
Hey you God, are you listening?
Give us power to plant love sapling.
Hallows us for better living,
we can pass lifetime singing and dancing.

– Kumar Gautam

5th Feb’09


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